Unstoppable 2010:

    Denzel washington and chris pine Unstoppable in cinemas

    unstoppable 2010
    uunstoppable 2010 theatrical poster

    Sky Line 2010:

    Scientific Thriller movie The skyline 2010 in theaters :

    skyline 2010 
    Skyline 2010

    Watch out the trailer:

    Paranormal Activity 2010
    Paranormal Activity 2010
    Paranormal Activity 2010

    Running Successfully in Theaters:

    Watch out the trailer here:

    saw 3D 2010 movie image

    Its been a while since my last post.In this post iam going to give some information about upcoming movies which is going to be released soon.
    Lets see the list of movies that are opening this week.

    1)Devil 2010 -Written by M night shyamalan.Expectations are high.
    Devil 2010
    Devil 2010
    devil 2010 imag
    Devil in the lift?

    Check out here Devil  2010 movie trailer here.

    2)The Town 2010-Directed by Ben Affleck.

    The Town 2010
    The Town 2010

    Check out the trailer The Town 2010

    3)Never Let me Go -Starring  Carey Mulligan &  Andrew Garfield
    Never Let me Go 2010

    Never Let me go  2010 Poster 2010

    I am eagerly waiting for SAW  3D   2010 part  7 which is going to be released  next month.
    Mean while why dont you check out SAW 3D 2010 movie images and Trailer.

    saw 3d 2020
    Saw 3D 2010

    Plot: As usual there is no big change in SAW 3D movie's plot.Its again a serial killer with some essence.SAW 3D filled with some twists.Its gonna be a treat for Horror fans.This time with JIG-JAW.Its  really gonna be a treat for Gore lovers too.
    Check out  SAW 3D Movie Trailer here

    SAW 3D: Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: Cary Elwes, Kevin Greutert

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The Last Exorcism 2010

    The Last Exorcism image
    Theatrical poster The Last Exorcism

    Friends i am back with the scary movie  The Last Exorcism 2010 this time.This film is  a treat for horror fans.

    Patrick Fabian
    Ashley Bell

    Directed by:
    Daniel Stamm

    produced by:
    Hostel movie fame  Eli Roth

    The Last Exorcism and begin that it was neither a abhorrence flick, or a nice flick.The Last Exorcism is a low budget movie that is similar like  hand-held, documentary appearance as Paranormal Activity (2007), Cloverfield (2008) and The Blair Witch Project (1999).This film suits well for documentary lovers.

    Last exorcism images 2010
    scary scene

    If you  dont believe in ghost stories,then i doubt whether u gonna like this movie or not,at the same time if you believe the ghost stories then i guarantee you that you will love this movie,this movie will scare you like anything.

    The Last Exorcism - Trailer

    Director Daniel Stamm builds the anxiety slowly.As a scary it is actual effective. Again, it isn’t a edge seat thriller but added a bit-by-bit tension of alarming that leaves you as unbalanced  characters in the story.The performances were neat and  intriguing.This movie is a bit of old fashioned.

    The last exorcism pics
    scene from exorcism.

    As far as appropriate furnishings go, I anticipate their use was dispersed but acceptable enough.
    Director could have concentrated on ending.May be it has the worst non ending movie ever in the film history i can say...nothing answered,i would have been completely satisfied if this movie ended 15 minutes earlier,last 15 minutes end was not up to the mark.

    The last exorcism images
    scary scene from last exorcism.

    now its time for verdict..this movie suits very well for documentary lovers.if you like cloverfield documentary film then definitely you will love this,but  as i said earlier iam dissapointed with the ending,i should give credits to the actors Patrick Fabian and ashley bell.

    Verdict: old fashioned/horror flick.

    My rating for the last exorcism is 6.5/10.

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The Other Guys 2010 - Film Review

    the other guys 2010
    The other guys 2010

    The Other Guys film 2010 Review: 
                                 Very good Action comedy movie in theatres after a long time.First half was very funny,second half was really terrible.

    Samuel L. Jackson
    Mark Wahlberg
    Will Ferrell

    Directed by:
    Adam McKay

          Director Adam Mckay  is a  Tv  series director.His earlier movies were not up to the mark.This film  had a good hype,director  some how managed to prove it.Its kind of detective story with little comedy and more action.I can say its really worked out well.Director could have done his best in the second half,First half was too good,but  the momentum was missing,what to say  it fades fast in the second half of the movie.His earlier movie step brother  released in 2008.It was a average film,Adam Mckay mostly prefers Comedy genre,This time he mixed comedy with action which is a good move i can say.

    Samuel jackson acting  was good.This movie trailer tempted me to watch it.I shouldnt forget to give credits to the cinematographer,nice job.Mark Wahlberg did a fantastic job.This movie came out really well.Its certainly a box office hit.

    the other guys 2010 imsges
    Mark and Will in Action

    Story Line:
     Two Neywork detectives Mark and Will  try grab an opportunity to set  up like city's top cops to  worship as an idol didnt work out as they planned.

    The plot seems to be simple.But this movie deserve to be in  a box office.
    I suggest you all  to watch this movie  who is not keen on logic and only prefers entertainment.

    My rating for this Movie is 7/10.

    Verdict: good comedy/Action flick.
    Will catch you soon.Source URL:
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The Expendables 2010

    The expendables images
    Theatrical poster The Expendables movie review
         The Expendables 2010 :Friends,what a combination...imagine Jason statham,Sylvester stallone,Jet Li in one movie.....Action packed movie .The expendables starring and directed by Sylvester Stallone.
    Sylvester Stallone
    Jason statham 
    Jet Li

                                      Trailer-The expendables Movie -in HD

    This movie definitely gonna be  treat for  action movie lovers..Action hero sylvester stallone directed this no need to say how this film going to be..

    The Expendables 2010 images
    ultimate combination

    Story Line:
        Mercinaries team including jason statham & jet li travelling to south america for one mission.
    This movie falls under Action/Adventure/Thriller genre.
    The transporter hero jason statham played a big role in this movie..he is a perfect action hero.Rambo direction is could have been better.Nothing new in this movie...but i can guarantee you guys  that its definitely 100% entertainer.

    jason statham 2010 mages
    jason statham in Action

     My rating for this movie is 7.5/10.

    Verdict:Action packed Entertainer

    What are you waiting for?...
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The Unstoppable 2010

    Unstoppable mages 2010
    Denzel and chris pine in action

         Its time for my Favourite actor Denzel Washington's upcoming  Unstoppable 2010  film preview.
    Cast :
    Denzel washington
    Chris pine

    Directed By : Tony scott
    Release date: 12 November 2010 (USA)

    Denzel's previous movie The taking of pelham 123 also directed by Tony scott.Well directed and well made.Tony scott with Denzel washington's partnership proved to be a super hit in earlier movies Dejavu which is released in the year 2006.It was much expected film.Well scripted scientific movie.Unstoppable expected to be released on 12 November 2010.

    Denzel washingtom images
    Denzel washington in action

    Story line:
    A rail road engineer (Denzel washington) and young conductor(chris pine) trying to stop the train which  carries liquids  and poisonous gas to wipe out the city.

    Trailer :

    More Unstoppable Info
    tony scott images
    Tony scott in Action

    unstoppable 2010 pics
    Denzel washington
    Hope you all enjoyed with the preview.Will come back with some other movie soon.
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endhiran songs free download

Madharasapattinam -2010 Tamil Film Review

    Friends.. now its a time for Tamil film Review.Have seen Madharasapattinam movie yesterday.It was too good.There is no masala in this movie.I appreciate the director  Vijay for his tremendous effort.Nice acting by Arya and amy jackson. well scripted and well directed.Art director played a big role in this movie as  story shifts to the year 1947.British cop has done his job well .Late  haneefa also has done a good job.His timing was really good.Cinematography was too good.Cinematographer nirav has done a good job and Art director selva also did well.British governer's daughter  fell in love with ordinary dhobi Arya.

    The reason for her love is really not convincing.Director Vijay should have concentrated  on this part.And G.V Prakash's background score was really good.Songs were  average.Songs could have been better.Director didnt utilised nasar properly.He is a veteran actor but his role in this  film   was not attracted,Amy looks good in this movie.,her acting also was good.Art Director selvakumar's effort was good.1947 pre independent era set is notable.1947's  central   station and wall tax road's set was really cool.My rating for this movie is 7/10.
     Verdict: Good movie.
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The inception 2010 -Film

    The inception 2010 movie images
    The movie inception official banner

    The inception 2010 :What a movie It was.........mind blowing.Well made and well acted.The Inception  movie was really amazing.I suggest you all to watch it atleast one time.This movie falls under 
    SciFi Thriller.This movie directed by Christopher Nolan.I have seen his movies earlier.The prestige  movie was directed by him only.
    The concept of this movie is really good.Very difficult to tackle.But nolan made it so easy.Very risky concept ,story and script is quite complex,The way nolan presented the movie is really cool.Nolan makes it easy to understand.

    The inception images
    The stunning visuals from The inception movie

    Next plus for the movie is Visuals.Stunning visuals throught the film. I think he does better with idea movies rather than plot movies.this movie had some cool and awesome things to look at. So if you are someone who likes visuals but not special effects, which were actually used sparingly in comparison to achieving the same effect, but better, via camera tricks, but visuals—then this movie is worth seeing regardless of other considerations.

    The incepton 2010 images
    The movie inception
    Next Acting,Decaprio does it again.He is the best actor in recent times.I have seen his movie shutter island.He acted really well.After departed movie this inception movie is the best.

    Worth Watching My Rating for this movie is 9/10.

    Verdict: Excellent Movie.

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The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

    The twilight saga 2010 images

    The twilight saga-Eclipse Trailer

    This film falls under  Drama fantasy and Romance category.Very slow movie and easily predictable.But good try.

    Twilight saga images
    The twilight saga eclipse

    Twilight saga  :The expectation for this movie was very high.But i dont think its satisfied viewers expectation.The directed of the movie David slade directed 30 days of night  released in 2007.The movie genre was horror Thriller.Well made movie,well directed.But he failed to convert his thought visually in this movie Twilight saga Eclipse.
    Acting was Ok...But could have been better.Will catch you soon with some other movies.
    My rating for this movie is 5/10.

    Verdict: Average

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Box office

     HereAfter 2010:

    Clint East wood's another successful movie in theaters.
    here after 2010 movie image
    Matt Damon's HereAfter 2010

    HereAfter movie pics 2010
    Clint Eastwood-Matt Damon HereAfter Movie 2010

    Theatrical Trailer HereAfter Movie 2010 :


    Current Box office Movies:

    RED 2010

    Red Movie 2010

    Red Movie Trailer:

    Takers 2010

    Takers 2010
    The Last Exorcism 2010

    The Last Exorcism 2010The Last Exorcsm images

     Piranha 3D 2010

    piranha 3D images 2010
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Upcoming Movies

     West craven's  upcoming movie My soul to Take 2010  will be released on  october 8th.

    my soul to take iamge
    My soul to take movie

    my soul to take movie image
    My soul to Take Poster

    You may interested in My soul to take movie trailer:
    Check out the movie trailer:

     Quarantine movie fame director  John Erick Dowdle's next movie Devil  2010  in theaters on September 17th.

    Chris messina's  Devil 2010 poster

     This movie's plot is catchy.Cant wait to see!!!

      Manoj Knight Shyamalan's Story  The Devil 2010  coming soon in theaters
    check out the The Devil 2010 trailer here

    The much awaited movie The Resident Evil After life 3D  in theaters(india) on 10th September 2010.

    Milla jovovich in action

                                              Here is the trailer:

    Let me in 2010

    The vampire movie in theatres on 1st october 2010.

    here is the Trailer:

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SALT 2010

    salt 2010
    Salt Movie Official Banner
    Salt  :Guys iam back with SALT movie review.Well directed and well made film.Agent Salt character is really cool.Hats off to the director Philip Noyce.This movie falls under  Action  spy thriller category.
    The director of the movie Philip noyce's earlier movie The bone collector released in 1999.This film was top notch.My favourite actor Denzel washington acted in this movie.

    salt 2010 images
    Angelina jolie in action
    Salt movie's  plot is simply superb Evelyn Salt is a Central Intelligence Agency officer   in this movie and well  known to all, . one day  a Russian spy walks into their premises and offers a important piece of information:that  the  Russian president will be assassinated during his forthcoming visit to New York to attend the funeral of his  deceased United states  Vice President. The name of the assassin: Salt. anxious about the safety of her husband, who she can't contact, while  on the run. Winter refuses to accept that salt is a mole or a double agent but her actions begin to raise doubts about her . Just who is Evelyn Salt and what is she

    salt 2010
    Angenia Jolie -the Spy

    as a CIA officer, Evelyn Salt swore an oath to honor, country and her duty. Her loyalty will be tested when a defector accuses her of being a Russian spy. Salt goes on the run, using all her talents and her skills and years of experience as a covert operative to elude capture. Her  efforts to prove her innocence only serve to cast doubt on her motives, as the hunt to reveal the truth behind  salt 's identity continues and the question remains: "Who is the Agent Salt?" 
    Worth watching.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!
    My rating for Salt Movie is : 7/10

    Verdict: Good entertainer

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