Vanishing on 7th street

    Brad anderson's Movie
        “Vanishing on 7th street"is another masterpiece from the creator of' The Machinist 'and' Transsiberian ', that is Brad Anderson. This film comes with a very interesting concept for a story. It begins with a night in which a court energy that occurs in the city of New York. Yes, this may seem too common, but all the eccentricity that happens when the lights go on again. One would find that everyone is gone. All the victims apparently disappeared leaving only after all her clothes. 

    Theatrical poster of Vanishing on 7th street
    While the idea of using shadows and unknown to scare the audiences may turn some fans away from the horror, the absence of monsters allows viewers to focus on the characters and their desire to live. Forced to confront their fears of giving up what has always been familiar to them, and the abandonment of hope of finding their loved ones, including his ex-wife Luke, the son of Rosemary baby and the mother of James, the public was left to question what they would do if lost their livelihood suddenly. 

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    As a suspenseful film , Brad Anderson is very efficient and he knew how to produce chill to the audience .But Unfortunately all other aspects in this film is a total chaos. With a more attention-grabbing group of characters and actors in the film could have been enormous, but as a substitute squanders its prospective.

    Over all this movie is good.

    Verdict:Nice horror thriller
    Rating: 7/10
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Unknown 2011

    Friends i am big fan of Liam Neeson .I liked his earlier movie Taken which was released during the year 2008.
    I am gonna review his recent action flick Unknown 2011.

    unknown 2011 in theaters

    Even though unknown is not a terrible movie, comparing it with Taken, Liam Neeson prior action film old, is setting the bar way too high. This is a thriller and a formula that you've seen before, since the final touch to the car races where the police can only be worried to respond once the butcher is complete. Unknown is one of those movies that can not help but criticize because the plot has to bounce between boredom and disinterest to the point that the only thing left to do is find entertainment in pointing out the plot holes until the credits roll.

    Liam Neesons unknown 2011

      Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) wakes up in the hospital surprised and confused with mild memory loss. After being informed that he was in a car accident, also realizes that he has been in a coma for four days and no sign of his spouse, Liz (Jones). After returning to their lodge and the search for his wife, his life is turned upside down. His wife does not recognize him and is with another man (Quinn), he is  referring to himself as Dr. Martin Harris. He unnoticed the obvious explanation of mistaken identity after a mysterious man kills his nurse and tries to do the same with him. Constant in the race without a specific destination, Martin will stop at nothing to get the fact and will do whatever it takes to regain his judgment.

    Unknown  2011Movie Trailer 

    The cast is quite tough on all sides. Our hero Liam Neeson does not disappoint and he is as strong as it was taken. Diane Kruger manages to outshine January Jones, but that is mainly because of Kruger have more screen time and more than that it does not know her husband. Frank Langella is whether it is worth discussing. From Frost / Nixon, Langella seems to have stuck to smaller roles ( It is a embarrassment as it usually Langella steals the scenes in any movie that is part and usually wants his character to be longer than him. On the positive side, however, at least not take himself to choose characters that do not want you around to everyone.

    Verdict      :Nice Thriller
    Rating       : 6.5/10

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The Mechanic 2011

    This movie is gonna be a real treat for Jason statham's fans.

    Jason statham's The Mechanic 2011

    Jason Statham plays a crucial role – a assasin role. His character, Arthur, an a perfect assassin, commits a crime that doesn’t  legal with his own clear hit man mora” code.
    Jason accepts an appointment to kill his associate and mentor, played by Donald Sutherland stranger.Good acting.

    Arthur alerts him to the advancing  risk , giving him a beginning to get abroad but to add insult to injury, Sutherland’s appearance is bedfast to a wheelchair and escape is really impossible. So rather than accsing him to face the advancing hail of adversary bullets, Arthur does the action.

    Ben Foster plays Sutherland’s self indulgent son Steve, who comes home to throbbing his father. While he seems to be of two minds about his loyalty to him, it’s  bright that he is fully abashed by his father’s passing, abnormally in such a barbarous address – force fully by car jackers.

    So he active to the streets to avenge  on any car jacker he can find. Arthur acheive in to stop him.

    The two of them anatomy and a  affectionate of mentoring partnership  familiarised on the attitude of Arthur and Steve’s daddy. But Arthur conceals  that his role in the drama so there is consistently an aspect of deception, wariness and apprehension to  amid them.

    Foster is a fully and able amateur and did abundant assignment in the messenger.So he is talented and able here, he is able to authority assimilate atomic advice and authority of  his acknowledgment for later. Foster is anesthetic accuracy be said , and stands up to jason's alarming personality. 

    The Mechanic Movie Trailer:

    While it fits his role in the   film,and  the splattering of clare seems to be very  fetishistic , and veers into camp, which is not intended though . There’s a decidedly animal and agitated arena in which Steve's  actuality absorbed by a battling assassin.

    It is acceptable  that to see that abundant of the story is attempt in New Orleans, which boosts the bounded abridgement and offers  the different settings and adjacency to the water. And Arthur’s home is real beauty - it’s an ultra-modern .
    An aspect of  Jason Statham’s activity films absent reality is the abandoned  banter. His earlier movies Crank and Transporter are aloof added fun to watch than this film. The accent actuality is completely  drier.

    Verdict         : Average Thriller
     Rating         :5/10

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