The Green Chic

    The Green Chic

    Released : Jun 24, 2011

    Genre : Animation

    Starcast : Rishi Wadhwa, Kshitij Sheth

    Desc :

    Finding Dad is the story of a chick named Chiclet and his family who are living happily in the jungle. One day the parents of Green Chic are walking in the jungle, when fate suddenly takes a turn and the mother chick is captured by a human for his selfish purpose. The father chick in an attempt to save his wife also gets captured by the human, unable to fight against the human strength. Learning about his parent`s fate the Chiclet treads on a path to find his Dad and decides with determination that he will rescue his only surviving parent from the clutches of the humans. In this journey from jungle to the city, Chiclet, along with his friends Ginger (Monkey) and Quacky (Duck) come across various hardships during which he gets to make new friends as well as enemies. Chiclet, against all odds, braves the city life and encounters all sorts of city dangers.

    Duration : 1:27

    Size : 105mb

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